Frequently asked questions – Web Version

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Go to the LogIn Screen and click on “Forgot Your Password” and follow the instructions.

This is a security feature for your protection and means that the incorrect user ID/password was used during login 5 times. You can either wait 1 hr and the system will reset and unblock you or you can use the Forgot Username/Password feature.

This is a cloud & mobile application which means it is dependent on “good” connectivity from either your computer or mobile device to the Internet. We advise using WiFi whenever you can or a strong cable connection.

Click Create MeU, then click on the type of Media Asset you want to make (Video, Images, Music/Voice or Text/Link). Then click the RED Record button. On the pop up window Click the green Allow on your computer’s Adobe Flash Recorder pop up. If you do not have Adobe Flash or have other issues, click the Help Troubleshooting button on the top of the pop up window and follow directions. Otherwise, start using Record. The application will let you know when you can stop recording – Video and Audio recording NEED about 7 seconds minimum! So if your asset did not appear, double check that you are recording this minimum. The live media recording will automatically drop on to your creator MeU message timeline. Also a copy of the live recorded asset will go up in your personal media folders in the cloud.

Usually it is because you need to make sure your browser has uploaded a recent version of Adobe Flash Recorder. Adobe works with all browsers on any computer, including Apple and Safari. Also check to make sure your computer has a web camera. You can also use a peripheral web camera and enable it – MeU works with it. Again, click on the Help Troubleshooting button and follow directions.

Click Manage Contacts on the Home Page. Here you can add individual contacts, create contact groups from your master contact list, and import contacts as a CSV file, including importing existing contact groups. Just follow the on screen directions for importing.

Click Manage Contacts. Click New Contact Group. Follow on screen instructions. Save. On main Manage Contacts screen, Click on the new named group. From this page Add to the new Group from your existing main contacts list by clicking Add From All Contacts button or Import new contacts into this group by clicking Import Contacts button.

Click Import Media button from either Home Screen or Creator Screen. Follow the onscreen directions for either PC or Mac. For Mac make sure your media assets you want to import are on the desktop (not in iPhoto etc). Then be patient! It can take some time for larger files (videos, music) to show up in your Personal MeU Folders.

Again, be patient. But also “refresh” your Personal MeU Folders by clicking on the folder icon (videos, images, music/audio, text) for the type of media file you uploaded, then click on the refresh button. It will show up.

Go to the Create MeU screen. Click on the bright light blue folder icon under the media asset icons (if you run your cursor over it, it will say “Manage Folders.” Follow the on screen directions to create and manage folders. To put an asset into a folder you have created: Find the asset you want to organize into a folder, click on the blue down arrow on the asset. Select Move. Select the Folder where you want it to go and click OK. Now when you click on the asset icon (Videos for example) and the Folder you want, the Video you just moved will be there.

You have to FIRST click on the TYPE of media file you want to use by clicking on the media icon (videos, images, music/audio, or text) THEN click on the Folder where you put it.

Use your cursor to drag/drop media assets into place. Remember that if it is a video or image it will move next to the other visual assets, it cannot sit out on its own with white space between. – this is a video messaging platform, so something has to show up!

You can do a “quick edit” by using your cursor to drag the edges of a media file on the timelines to make it stay on the screen longer or shorter. You cannot make a music or video asset stay on the screen longer than it is.

For a precise edit, choose the asset on the timeline you want to edit, click on the blue down arrow and select Edit. The Edit Screen will pop up. You can then drag the edges of the video (in bottom of pop up) to cut the video to the length you want. You can also change the audio level on the video by filling in the audio scale on the right of the sound icon.

For music or audio, you can do the same process. If it is an Image or Text, you can use Edit to lengthen or shorten the amount of time these assets stay on the screen though the Minimum is 5 seconds.

Important Note! Don’t worry, you will never hurt or change the original media file/asset. Everything you do when you edit is to a “copy” of the original – so you have nothing to worry about. It is impossible to make a mistake! Just start over and try again if you don’t like what you did.

Choose the media file in your asset library you want to name/rename. Click on the blue down arrow and select Rename.

Click on the MeU name box (default is “Untitled.”) You can name it, make it go into a Folder after you save it or share it and even add a description.

On the same dark blue bar where the name of the MeU message is, there is a Save Draft button to the far right. Anytime you want to save a Draft of a MeU, just click this. When you want to use the Draft, go to the Home screen, click on Drafts, find the MeU and click Edit. It will open up in the Creator screen and you can work on it.

On your Creator Screen, click on Help me get started button on the top right. There are easy on screen guides to making, editing and sharing a MeU on the web.

When you have made a MeU, click Share. From the Share Screen you can either click on the TO button and then select from your contacts and/or contact groups. You can also just enter email addresses directly.

In order to share to SMS/mobile phones, you need to add those phone numbers into your MeU contacts. Then you need Turn ON the box in each contact that says Send SMS. Also on the Share Screen you need to select the Options button and then Turn ON the “Send to recipients SMS where SMS is enabled.” These extra steps are to protect your recipients who might not want to receive MeU via text. So you have to make the choices to share this way.

From the Share Screen you can either click on the TO button and then select from your contacts or you can just drag your contact groups over into the left contacts space.

On the share screen, just click on the Social Media icon where you want to share. You will need to provide your log in credentials.

On the home screen, Click on your Name in the top right, and select Companies from the drop down menu. Set up any entity you would like to Share from. You can even add a photo or logo. Then when you create a MeU and click on the Share button you can select the Companies drop down menu on the top right of the Share Screen and select the Company you created. You can have multiple entities if you want. The default entity if the name/email address you signed up to MeU with.

On the Share Screen, under Delivery Options, check the box that says “Send at a specific date and time”. Then select the date and time, and Share.

On the Home Screen, select the Sent box.

On the Home page, click on Sent Folder. Then find the MeU message you want to know about. There you can see who it was sent to (click Recipients), how many views or mashes, and exactly where, when and how much was viewed by clicking Analytics Details.