IRVINE, CAOctober 20, 2017

MeU CARE wins Best Digital Communications Company of 2017

MeU CARE the leading mobile communications platform for family caregivers and healthcare providers, received the High Tech Innovation Award for Best Digital Communications Company of 2017. MeU CARE was singled out for the platform’s breakthrough ability to enable caregivers, family members, patients and healthcare providers to HIPAA securely communicate using videos, photos, voice, text, documents, and surveys. Caregivers save time letting family members, hospitals and doctors know how a loved one is doing. Healthcare companies are better able to manage patients to improve their health and reduce costs of care. Now anyone, anywhere on the continuum of care can securely save time, reduce stress and help people be healthy.

Kendall Lockhart, the former Disney new media executive who founded MeU CARE, said “We are so honored to be chosen out of more than 100 companies for this award. Orange County is truly ground zero for breakthrough technology, and we are thrilled to be part of this community trying to help the world be a better place.”

About MeU CARE

MeU CARE is the leading HIPAA secure multidirectional communication platform for healthcare. Our global mission is communication that helps keep people healthy. MeU enables breakthrough interactive communication using videos, photos, voice, text, music, documents, surveys. Caregivers, families, patients, and providers can all communicate in order to keep people healthy and reduce costs of care. The platform is free to consumers and is also in use by major healthcare companies including hospitals, health plans and provider groups. MeU CARE is available via the web, iOS and Android.

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