Frequently asked questions – Mobile Version

I Forgot my Username/Password. How do I get it?

Go to the LogIn Screen and click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions.

I tried logging in several times, but now I am Blocked. What do I do?

This is a security feature for your protection and means that the incorrect user ID/password was used during login 5 times. You can either wait 1 hr and the system will reset and unblock you or you can use the Forgot Username/Password feature.

My Application isn’t working very well, Why?

This is a cloud & mobile application which means it is dependent on “good” connectivity from your mobile device to the Internet. We advise using WiFi whenever you can and/or at least “3 Bars” for your mobile device connection.

There is a Quick Creator. What if I want to do more?

There is also an Advanced Creator. It uses the same Live and Library assets, but offers a lot more flexibility and features. You can use it by selecting Advanced Creator on the top right of the Audio/Music screen. Or you can click Settings on the Home screen and make the Advanced Creator your default creator instead of the Quick Creator.

How do I do Live Record in the Quick Creator?

Click Quick Create, then click the Record Video or Capture Photo button. Record your media. The application will let you know when you can stop recording – Video and Audio recording NEED 5 seconds minimum! So if your asset did not appear, double check that you are recording this minimum. The live recording will automatically drop on to your creator MeU message timeline. Be PATIENT, especially if you are in poor connectivity. Also a copy of the live recorded asset will go up in your personal media folders in the cloud.

Why isn’t my Live Recording working?

Live recording, and all cloud applications, are dependent on reasonable connection speed. Usually 3 bars or more is good enough. If live recorded assets are not showing up, it is almost always because the connection is very low. For Video recording only use HIGH setting when in wifi or very good bars on 4G or better network. Otherwise use MEDIUM setting.

How do I add/upload my Contacts to MeU?

Click the Contacts button on the Home Page. You can manually add a contact, import contacts right from your device, then edit any contact and create a contact group.

How do I make a Contact Group?

Click Contacts on Home Screen. Click New Group button. Follow on screen directions. Save.

YClick Back to main Contacts screen. Click on the new named Group.

Then 1. Add names from existing contacts by clicking on All Contacts button, then highlight contacts you want to add and click Add To Group button. Or 2. Import new contacts into this group by clicking on Import button and highlighting new contacts from your device and clicking Upload button.

How do I Upload Media assets to MeU from my Mobile Phone using the Quick Creator?

From the Video/Photo capture screen, click on either the Photos or Video library folder icon. Then click on Upload on the bottom of the library screen. Click it and your media assets on your device will be displayed. Click on the asset you want and it will automatically upload. Be patient during the upload process (speed depends on connection) and for the asset to appear.

You can also go to the web version and upload assets from your computer to MeU. They will be available for you to use on the mobile version as well. Do the same thing from the Audio/Music screen to upload music from your device.

Why can’t I see my media files in my folders even though it said they were uploaded.

Again, be patient. But also “refresh” your Personal MeU Folders by clicking on the folder icon (videos, photos, music/audio, text) for the type of media file you uploaded. Then click the refresh icon It will show up.

How do I Organize my Media assets in Folders?

On the Home Screen, click on the Settings button. Click on the Folders icon. Then click on the Add Folder button to create a new folder. Right now you cannot move an asset from your personal MeU folders into another folder on the mobile version, but you can do it on the web version and it will be reflected on the mobile version.

However you can SAVE an asset to a folder from a mashable message someone has sent you in your inbox. If a message in your Inbox has the MASH button lit up (not grayed out), then you can click on it and it will open up the message in your Advanced Creator screen. From there you can select any asset (it will become red around the edges) then click the More button, then click the Save Asset button and you can select which personal MeU Folder you want that asset to go into!

How do I Move assets on the Quick Creator?

Just hold down the asset with your finger (turns red around the edge) and move it where you want it.

How do I Edit assets on the Quick Creator?

Just Tap the asset and it will open up. From there select Edit and follow the directions. For Photos and Text assets, select Seconds to make the asset stay longer on the screen in the MeU message.

How do I Add Text on the Quick Creator?

Just Tap the Photo asset and it will open up. Select Add Text and use the text tool. Click Done. Preview and then share.

How do I do more advanced MeU message creating?

You can select Advanced Creator on the top right of the Audio/Music screen. Or you can click Settings on the Home screen and make the Advanced Creator your default creator instead of the Quick Creator.

How do I Move media assets on the Advanced Creator?

Once you have added an asset to the creator timelines, Touch the asset you want to move, it will turn red around the edges, then touch the top time bar (the grey one with numbers that looks like a ruler) where you want the asset to go. Remember that if it is a video or image it will move next to the other visual assets, it cannot sit out on its own with white space between.

How do I Edit a Media asset on the Advanced Creator screen?

Touch the asset you want to edit, it will turn red around the edges, then touch the Edit button on the bottom. If it is a video, it will start playing. Touch the screen and you will see the editing controls come up. If they go away, just touch the screen again. You can then select an “in” point (or beginning to the video) and an “out” point (or end to the video.) You can also change the audio level on the video by moving the audio scale on the right of the controls. If it is music or audio, you can do the same process. If it is an image or text, you can use Edit to lengthen or shorten the amount of time these assets stay on the screen though the Minimum is 5 seconds. Important! You will never hurt or change the original media file/asset. Everything you do when you edit is to a “copy” of the original – so you have nothing to worry about. It is impossible to make a mistake! Just start over and try again if you don’t like what you did.

How do I Name/rename my MeU message?

Double click on the name bar of any MeU (default is “Untitled). You can name it, make it go into a Folder after you save it or share it and even add a description.

How do I Save a Draft of my MeU message I want to work on later?

On the Quick Creator, simply click Share, then don’t share – click Back, and that MeU will automatically be saved in your Drafts folder on the Home Screen.

On the Advanced Creator, when you want to save a MeU and come back to it later, simply click the Save Draft button on top. It will automatically save it into your Drafts on the Home Screen. Then when you want to work on it again, go to the Home Screen, Click Drafts, find the MeU you want, Click Mash and it will open up again in the Creator Screen where you can edit it, add to it, share it etc.

How do I Share to Email addresses?

When you have made a MeU, click Share. From the Share Screen you can either click on the TO button and then select from your contacts on your mobile device, as well as MeU cloud contacts and/or contact groups. You can also just enter email addresses directly.

How do I Share to Mobile Phone numbers?

In order to share to SMS/mobile phones, you need to add those phone numbers into your MeU contacts. Then you need Turn ON the box in each contact that says Send SMS. Also on the Share Screen you need to select the Options button and then Turn ON the “Send to recipients SMS where SMS is enabled.”

How do I Share to my Contact Groups?

From the Share Screen you can either click on the TO button and then select from your contacts and/or contact groups.

How do I Share to Social Media?

From the Share screen, just select the social media icon.

How do I make it so my MeU messages are Sent with my Company name/brand/logo?

This feature is available only using the Advanced Creator.

On the Home Screen, select the Settings button, then select the Companies button. Click on New Companies to create a new entity that you MeU can be shared from. Then when you create a MeU and click on the Share button you can select the Companies drop down menu on the Share Screen and select the Company you created. If you want to include a logo or photo for your company, go to the web application and click your name in the top right for a drop down menu. There click Companies and you can upload a logo or photo!

How do I Share a MeU to email/text on a specific Date/Time?

This feature is available only using the Advanced Creator.

On the Share Screen Turn ON the “Send at a specific date and time” button. Then select the date and time you want to share the MeU.

Where are MeU messages I Already Shared?

On the Home Screen, select the Sent box. You can also find the meUs you made in your MeU Library.

How do I Use a MeU message again that I already shared?

On the Home Screen, select the Sent box. You can select any MeU you already shared, then click on the Edit button and it will open up in the Creator Screen. From there you can change, edit, add to it and Share.