One Solution. Multiple HIPAA Compliant Capabilities.
Enhance Your Effectiveness

Communication. Coordination. Collaboration.

“Sits on Top and Enhances Your Existing Systems”

Multidirectional SECURE
Photos, Videos, Voice, Text, Surveys, Care Plans, Documents, Links

Real-Time Analytics:
Reporting, Intervention
Integrates with EHRs, Patient Records, HIS

HIPAA Compliantly Message With
EVERYONE Who Can Help Keep Patients Healthy
Clinicians ~ Patients ~ Specialists ~ Caregivers ~
Families ~ Health Systems

  • EASY
  • WEB

The MeU CARE Solution

Any Clinician to Any Clinician ~ Clinicians to Patients, Caregivers, Families ~
Patients, Caregivers, Families to Clinicians

One Solution. Multiple Capabilities.

Multimedia Instant Messaging

Video Email

Video Conferencing

Broadcast Channels

  • Patient/Member Activation
  • Care Coordination/Management
  • Discharge Planning
  • Adherence

Quick examples of uses

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

Care Collaboration - Discharge

Care provider captures video/photo status of post discharge high risk patient co-morbidities. Shares to cross disciplinary clinical team and caregivers who are able to collaboratively view, discuss and assess. Care directed and coordinated preventing unnecessary re-hospitalization

Care Coordination - Intervention

Caregiver/Patient captures daily photo/video of wound status. Shares with remote Care Manager for initial review and further status review by Clinician. Clinician can securely share to Specialists anywhere as needed. Intervention care is remotely directed and recorded in the patient record. Increase in staff productivity, improvement in outcomes, reduction in costs of care.

Multiple Benefits

In a matter of weeks MeU CARE will allow your organization to:

Reduce and minimize hospital and ER admissions and 30 day readmissions Deliver an “Organization Branded” HIPAA Compliant Communication Tool: Web, iOS, Android Provide 360° Communication in order to triage Coordination-of-Care among Providers/Caregivers/Care Managers
Deliver Low-Cost / High Touch HIPAA Compliant Patient Engagement/ Intervention Triage and Track Coordination-of-Care in seconds Define & Roll-Out metric based Action Plans & Document Results with no additional work
Access Real-Time Analytics that enable Prevention/Intervention Reduce manual intervention required for Care Managers Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores (i.e. - HEDIS/STARS)

Why MeU Delivers Better ROI

Better care coordination and adherence because messages are both visual and personalized from the patient’s trusted clinicians

Allows members of clinical teams to SECURELY communicate and COLLABORATE using multimedia information in seconds

Extends the value of high cost clinicians with lower cost team members

Includes key players such as caregivers, families, community providers in adherence

Critical care plans, documents, assessments, surveys are now cloud, mobile, EASY

Reduces readmissions because a patient's care is coordinated with one secure communication system sitting on top of all the parties that can help a patient stay healthy

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