All-in-One Solution With Multiple Communication Options

SHOW what a patient/caregiver needs to do to change behavior
SEE patient status to intervene effectively
SHARE securely with anyone, anywhere - includes critical family caregivers
SAVE time, complications, costs

Video Mail Campaigns, Assessments/Surveys, Multimedia Instant Messaging, Video/Audio Telehealth, Video Channels

Multimodel & Personal - Photos, Videos, Text, Voice, Surveys, Assessments, Vetted Content, Patient Portal Links


The Market Leader in Digital Communication

Sits on top of existing workflows, systems, EHRs, computers, iOS, Android

Easy to use. Fast to deploy.

Automated workflow rules engine delivers personal communication

Industry leader in real-time analytics that enable real-time effective intervention

Reports of interactive encounters for compliance, audit and new CMS reimbursements

Proven cost avoidance by reducing post-acute complications and readmissions

Quick examples of uses

Right Information. Right People. Right Time. Right Care.

Readmission Prevention

In the first 24 hours after leaving the hospital or clinic, COPD patient and family caregiver receive a HIPAA compliant 45 second video mail. It starts with a 15 second “selfie” video message from a provider they trust telling them how important it is to watch the next 30 second library video on how to use an inhaler. It can be securely watched multiple times on any computer or mobile device. Clinician/caregiver is automatically alerted via real-time analytics as to which seconds of the video mail were watched/not watched, enabling event prevention. Works for any post-acute or diagnosis follow-up use including medication adherence, disease management, care management. Proven to reduce ER and hospital admissions.

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Care Management/Remote Monitoring

The patient/caregiver uses the MeU app to HIPAA securely capture a daily photo of a wound. The patient/caregiver shares the photo with a clinician to assess the wound. The clinician can further share with specialists in any network, again HIPAA compliantly. Any intervention can be remotely directed and recorded. Proven to increase staff productivity while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

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Multimedia Instant Messaging

Video Mail Campaigns

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